Gallup Business Leadership Training Grant

The Gallup Business Leadership Training Grant program is designed to provide Nebraska business leaders with the training to achieve organizational goals and drive organic growth through human development. Management teams will participate in a 30-week online course to learn techniques for leading teams through unprecedented challenges while preparing for a strong future. The program allocates $1 million to enable senior managers to complete a comprehensive training program offered by Gallup.

Please note: The application submission deadline for this program has passed and DED is no longer accepting applications. 

Recipients will be notified by email from mid-July to August 1st.

Who is eligible?

Nebraska businesses with 500 or fewer employees in industries eligible for Nebraska’s jobs-driven tax incentive program, the Nebraska Advantage Act.

The State of Nebraska will be providing transparent reporting on the CARES Act funds and names of recipients will be made public.

How can the grant be used?

DED will fund selected applicants from eligible companies to participate in the program.

Preparing to apply

A PDF version of the application can be found here to be used in preparation. Please note that DED will NOT accept PDF applications. You must use the hyperlink below to submit your application.

Download the User Guide Here
Download Preparation PDF Here

See the Application Guidelines for more information on eligibility, use of funds, instructions on how to apply and the selection process.

Download Application Guidelines PDF Here

How to apply

Eligible applicants are required to submit an electronic application to DED by the deadline stipulated below.

Application deadlines

Opens: June 22, 2020

Due: July 7, 2020, 5 PM CDT

Who Received the Grant?

After the applications close, DED will review all applications and determine which applicants will receive the grant. Scoring details can be found in the application guidelines. Recipients will be notified by email sometime between mid-July and August 1st. You can also log-in to AmpliFund to check the status of your application.





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